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Frequently Asked Questions


Below are a few selected questions we are commonly asked by our clients:






Can I clean my coins?

It is our opinion that you should never clean your coins. In 99% of cases where coins are cleaned the value is severly hurt by the cleaning. Most jewelry and household cleaners severely damage the surfaces of coins. In rare instances, professionals may use approved substances to conserve some coins in a manner that will not harm the coin.




Are my coins made of silver?

United States coinage in the 10 cent, 25 cent, 50 cent, and $1 denominations dated 1964 and before contain 90% silver. This means 90% of the coins composition is silver, while the other 10% are other base metals.




Can I get cash for my coins and other items?

Yes, we make cash offers for numismatic items on the spot. Our no pressure approach and informative manner will help you make the best decision to fit your needs.




What coins are rare?

This is a difficult question. In American coins, most coins are common, even older coins. There are select dates and mintmarks within individual series that are more rare than others. A Lincoln Cent from San Francisco dated 1909 with the VDB initials on the back is far more rare than a 1909 Lincoln Cent struck at Philadelphia with the same initials. Value is determined through supply and demand for these items.




How can I go about selling my items?

A good way to begin the process of selling your items is to compile a list of what you have. Then you may contact us by phone or email to discuss what you have for sale. From there we can make an appointment time for you to meet at our Durham store. We will review the items and present you with our offer.


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