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Silver Coin Values

90% Silver Coins

United States dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollar coins minted 1964 and before contain 90% silver. 

Low grade and common date silver coins are often bought and sold as a precious metals commodity. These coins are commonly refered to as 90% Silver Coins or Junk Silver. 

These coins are far from junk in reality as these silver coins are all worth multiples of their face value. 

When these coins are bought and sold their values are almost always calculated in multiples of their face value. That multiple fluctuates as the market "spot price" of silver goes up and down. 

Many people like to buy these coins for investment purposes as they typically have very little collector value. We buy and sell 90% silver coins on a constant basis. 

If you have 90% silver coins you wish to sell please contact us today.

Silver Coin Values - 90% Silver Coins - Sell Silver Coins

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