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Morgan Silver Dollars

Morgan Silver Dollars are very popular coins with both collectors and investors. Morgan Dollars were first struck and issued in 1878 and continued to be minted every year until 1904. They returned for one last year in 1921. 

Morgan Dollars were minted in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Carson City and briefly in Denver (1921). 

These coins are made up of 90% silver. You can determine with mint that a Morgan Dollar was struck at by looking below the wreath under the eagle on the reverse side of the coin. Philadelphia minted coins have no mint mark. Coins minted in San Francisco display a small letter S. Coins minted in Carson City will have a CC mint mark (like the coin on the right). Coins minted in Denver will have a D mint mark (these were only minted in 1921). 

Values for Morgan Silver Dollars vary from around $15 for a common coin to thousands of dollars for rare and high condition examples. 

Morgan Silver Dollar - Silver Dollar Values

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