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We buy US Type Coins, Gold Coins, Silver Coins, Graded Coins, Mint Sets, Proof Sets & Foreign Coins. Paying a record price for your rare coins. Sell rare coins today!

Carolina Rare Coins and Currency is a trusted and qualified buyer of rare coins, precious metals, gold and silver bullion, and other collectibles in North Carolina. We offer competitive prices that reflect true market value and do not charge for verbal appraisals. If you need cash for your gold in Raleigh or any other location in North Carolina, contact us today. We pride ourselves on our ability to pay record-high prices and provide excellent customer service.

We are a premier coin dealer serving areas of North Carolina including Raleigh, Durham, Chapel-Hill, Wake Forest, Cary, Apex, Fuquay-Varina, Clayton, Garner and surrounding areas. We have worked extensively, buying and selling in both the wholesale and retail markets for decades.. Get the most for your Rare Coins & Precious Metals. We offer free appraisals of your items, with no obligation to sell.

Coins We Buy


All United States Gold Coins Date 1795-1933

  • Gold G$1 Dollars ( Type 1, 2 & 3 ) dated 1849-1889

  • Gold $2.50 Liberty Quarter Eagles dated 1840-1907

  • Gold $2.50 Indian Quarter Eagles dated 1908-1929

  • Gold $3 Indian Princesses dated 1854-1889

  • Gold $4 Stella’s ( Coiled & Flowing Hair ) dated 1879-1880

  • Gold $5 Liberty Head Half Eagles dated 1839-1908

  • Gold $5 Indian Head Half Eagles dated 1908-1929

  • Gold $10 Liberty Head Eagles dated 1838-1907

  • Gold $10 Indian Head Eagles dated 1907-1933

  • Gold $20 Liberty Double Eagles dated 1849-1907

  • Gold $20 St. Gardens Double Eagles dated 1907-1933



United States Type Coins Range From Half Cents Through Early Silver Dollars

  • All Copper Half Cents & Copper Large Cents

  • All Flying Eagle & Indian Cents

  • Lincoln Cents (pre 1934)

  • All Copper Two Cent Pieces

  • All Three Cent Pieces

  • All Shield Nickels, Liberty Nickels & Buffalo Nickels

  • All Half Dimes

  • All Silver Dimes dated prior 1965

  • All Silver Twenty-Cent Pieces

  • All Quarters dated prior 1965

  • All Half Dollars dated prior 1970


We Buy All United States Silver Coins Dated 1970 and Earlier

  • All Half Dimes

  • All Silver Dimes Dated Prior 1965

  • All Silver Twenty-Cent Pieces

  • All Quarters Dated Prior 1965

  • All Half Dollars Dated Prior 1970

  • All Shield Nickels, Liberty Nickels & Buffalo Nickels

  • All Morgan & Peace Dollars 1878-1935

  • All U.S. Mint Commemorative Silver Coins 1892-1952

Certified Coins

All Certified Coins Graded By Either PCGS, NGC, ICG and ANACS

  • PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Company)

  • NGC (Numismatic Guarantee Corporation)

  • ANACS ( American Numismatic Association Certification Service )

  • ICG (Independent Coin Graders)

US Mint & Proof Sets


  • All United States Mint & Proof Sets

  • All Proof Sets

  • All Mint Sets

  • Prestige Sets

  • ICG (Independent Coin Graders)

  • Premier Proof Sets

  • Silver Proof Sets

  • SMS (Special Mint Sets)

  • Commemorative Sets

Turn your coins, currency, gold or silver into cash!


Give us a call at 919-756-7616 to schedule a private appointment at our office in Raleigh. Please note we see clients by appointment only but can schedule same day appointments most days. 

You can also fill out the contact form here to tell us about the items you have and get a call back from one of our experts.

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