Carolina Coin Buyer

We buy and sell old money including gold and silver coins and paper money. 


We buy silver dollars, coin sets, large cents, gold coins, proof sets, mint sets, national currency, silver certificates, gold certificates, confederate money and more!


Find out the value of your coins and currency. Contact us today for an appraisal or to sell your coins and currency:



  • Find old coin values

  • Sell old coins

  • Find what your coin is worth

  • Find value of old money

  • Old money buyer


We can appraise your old coins and give you a strong offer to buy your coins today. Looking for a local coin appraisal? Let us work up a formal appraisal of your collection. 


We are the most knowledgable local coin shop around and can give you on the spot offers and appraisals of rare coins, old banknotes, gold and silver and more. Contact the best local coin shop in Raleigh today!

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